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Bitumen Testing Equipment

  • Filterless centrifuge extractors

These extractors are used for rapid filterless separation of filler (ash) from binder solution generated by, for instance, the Hot extractor (wire mesh filter) apparatus 75-B0015. They can also be used for binder recovery from a previously disaggregated asphalt sample, using solvent and a funnel fitted with 200 mm diameter test sieves to gradually separate the aggregates.

  • Solvent recovery unit

This apparatus is used to recover solvent liquid after its use for extraction tests. It is designed for recovering non-flammable solvents and has two stainless steel chambers one for dirty solvent and the other for the cleaned solvent.

  • Binder recovery apparatus

The apparatus is used for recovering soluble bitumen from bituminous pavement materials in a form suitable for further testing.

  • Binder recovery apparatus: Abson method

Used for recovering the asphalt (bitumen) from a solution generated by a previous extraction. The asphalt is recovered with properties very close to those it possessed in the bituminous mixture and in quantities sufficient for further testing.

Bottle rolling machine

Bitumen is the prime ingredient in constructing and hence, it is absolutely essential to enhance its strength. It is the different types of Bitumen Testing Equipment that carry out the job effectively.

We offer our clients technically superior bitumen testing equipment such as bitumen testing machine, ring & ball (softening point) test apparatus, ductility testing machine, standard tar viscometer, bitumen laboratory mixer etc. Every testing equipment is designed & developed with highest level of precision to meet up the requirements of different industries and their respective testing procedures.
Analysis of Bituminous Mixtures
  • Automatic closed system asphalt analyzer

For separation and extraction of bitumen, filler and aggregates from asphalt samples by use of solvents

  • Automatic binder extraction unit

This machine is used for separating and extracting bitumen by perchloroethylene or trichloroethylene solvents and sieving, with separation of the filler by centrifugal action and recovery of the solvent material.

  • Asphalt binder analyzer by ignition method

The PAVELAB Asphalt binder analyzer is a high precision apparatus that combines an ignition oven with a continuous weighing system to monitor the loss of weight of the asphalt sample, and to automatically determine, at the end of the test, the binder content and percentage. An independently controlled auxiliary afterburner chamber significantly reduces the furnace emissions.

  • Hot extractor apparatus: wire mesh filter method

This apparatus is used for the extraction of binder from hot-mix paving mixtures and can also be used for determining the moisture content. It consists of a steel pot with gasket and gauze container, a Dean-Stark receiver and a Liebig condenser, and is supplied complete with a pack of 100 filter papers

Reflux extractors

  • Kumagawa extractors

Used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mix paving mixtures and pavement samples, this extractor consists of a round glass flask, a cooling unit, a Dean-Stark receiver, and an electric heating mantle with regulator and fittings.

  • Centrifuge binder extractors: filter paper method

These centrifuges are used for determining the percentage of bitumen in bituminous mixtures.


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